How did you do that? He is back and he stopped drinking! I am so happy again. Thank you Dr Adisa Akuchi.
Cecilia, Germany.


I can’t thank you enough, Papa J! Your powers are really amazing. Victor is back and we are talking about the wedding again Veronica
Sean, Puerto Rico


I know I have been harsh and pretty much skeptical all the way and I do appreciate your patience. All your efforts paid off and she returned to me after all, exactly as you told me. I will always be in debt with you” Jake, USA.


Please Dr Papa Adisa Akuchi. let me send you some more money! I want to show you my gratitue for the results the love spells gave me. I tried so many others but you are the only one who managed to help me!”
Sandy, Alabama.


purchased the attractive spell and I am totally satisfied with the results. The most remarkable change is at work where I have gained the respect of my boss. He is almost a tyrant and often is verbally brutal with his employees. It was a real nightmare for me but since the spell was cast he is a completely different man and he is even not far from being my puppet now! My coworkers are amazed and some of them never seen him like that in 10 years! It is also working with my husband and we are making love much more than before. Thank you Dr Justus for your help, I appreciate every single effect the spell provides.”
Carry, UK


Dr Papa Adisa Akuchi, I want to thank you and all your team for your fantastic work. My spell was hard, I know, but you completely understood my needs and then you provided the help I needed. My skin is glowing again, my hair and nails strong and healthy. I feel revived and young again. You are the best.”
Arlene, USA.


!!!! DD !!!! I am a DD size finally! My husband eternally grateful to you, Barbara 😉 (Money well invested!)”
Clarita, USA.


“The spell was as powerful as you told me. People around me started to have minor accidents and wierd unlucky things happens to them. Everytime that happens it feels like I am being energized with luck! I am unstoppable hahaha, Thanks Papa ADisa”
Sanjey, Los Angeles, USA.


was feeling unlucky since 4 years back. I went to a psychic who wasn’t able to help me.Dr Adisa Akuchi you told me it wasn’t a curse but something she called black hole of unluck. Like I was attracting bad energies or something. I didn’t understand all she said but I knew the extreme luck spell was the right thing. It sure was! I am happy again and it is all thanks to you..”
Your friend, Olga from Russia.


Yeah, girl, you rock! Since I got your spell done, you have put me in the right moment and the right time for EVERYTHING! From small details to big things. So keep it coming, honey. And yes, I will order the special spell we talked about”
Rob, UK.


I couldn’t believe it when I got the notification for that casting but that’s not all, I even got the role so you will see me in the BIG screen! It’s a small part, I know, but I feel it is the great start for my acting career and all thanx to my luck, I mean to your spell :)! Luv ya Papa ADISA AKUCHI! I will let you know when they release the movie (2018 most likely)”
Jennifer Lawrence, USA